About the Gardens

The Gardens below the Prague Castle are situated on the slopes of the hill below the Castle, enrich the architectural division of the city with their detail and are a uniquely peaceful place, harmonising history, architecture and nature.

A group of five Baroque gardens – the Ledebour, Small and Large Palffy, Kolowrat and Small Fürstenberg – are hidden behind the Lesser Town palaces on Valdštejnská street. Important architects and artists like Santini-Aichl, Alliprandi and Palliardi participated in their artistic composition and design.

Each garden has its own specific layout and offers diverse romantic hideaways. The theme of the Four Seasons are distinctive architectural elements in the Small Fürstenberg Garden.

The Great Palffy Garden is decorated with a fountain with a statue of Triton and a sundial in the portal above the staircase.

The Ledebour parterre garden with murals in the sala terrena is used for festivities and wedding ceremonies. One one of the best views of the city is from the upper terraces over the rooftops and church towers. The gardens are open every day of the season.


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