Basic information and all rentals conditions

If you are interested in renting an area within the Gardens for commercial or wedding events, we kindly ask you to read the following basic information. Let us also point out that we do not offer catering services, musicians or flowers. We offer only the place for your event with a possibility of water and electricity consumption.

  • It is necessary to book the date on time by the Gardens management.

  • We ask you to provide us with these information for the reservation:

    – name and surname of the renter

    – address, e-mail and telephone

    – day and hour of the planned event

    – number of participants

  • Before signing the contract, the renters will have a look at the related area and they will also get familiar with the operating conditions, organisation and details on the event.
  • An obligatory order is considered to be only the signed Rental contract.
  • 1 month prior to the event it is necessary to pay the rental fee in cash or via a bank account. (price list).
  • In the time of a rental the designated area is closed for public, but the rest of the Gardens normally open.
  • It is possible to rent the entire Gardens and thereby close the entire Gardens to the public.
  • The capacity of the complex of gardens is 1500 guests. (With maintaining sufficient catering areas)
  • During the event it is essential to follow the time schedule exactly.
  • Due to safety reasons it is necessary to follow the advices of Gardens employees.
  • Entering areas which are not dedicated for visitors is forbidden.
  • Smoking as well as fire handling in the Gardens is forbidden.
  • In case of weddings it is forbidden to throw rice, confetti of other items on the newlyweds.


  • The renter is responsible for compliance with the agreed conditions as well as for any damage caused by non-compliance with the terms of the contract.
  • In case of non-compliance with the agreed conditions the Gardens management has a right to cancel the event (even after the event beginning) with no refund.

If there are more event coordinators we kindly ask you to set 1 person who will communicate with the Gardens management (via phone, or e-mail) as it can be confusing to communicate with more people. Thank you very much for your understanding.

Specific information regarding weddings

  • The entry is marked and leads through Kolowrat courtyard
  • The total duration of the actual wedding ceremony (since gathering the guests in the garden up to newlyweds departure) is approximately 45 minutes.
  • The exit is again marked and leads through Kolowrat courtyard
  • If the wedding ceremony schedule is disturbed ( late arrival), it has to be shorten ( shortening the camerawork) without any claims by the renter.
  • If the delay is less than 15 minutes, the ceremony can be held in shorter variation. If the delay is more than 25 minutes, the ceremony cannot be held.
  • The wedding feasts are possible upon agreement. In that case the garden is closed for the public (and another wedding ceremonies) for deemed time. The rental price will be set individually upon an agreement with the gardens management on valid pricelist basis.

Religious wedding

In case you decide to have a religious wedding, the reservation of date can be agreed on with the garden manager and the monk, who will be arranged by the engaged couple. (the engaged couple can also use services of a wedding agency)


Quick contact

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